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Construction Begins on Eco-friendly Apartments for Santa Clara University Students

Construction of a new student housing community at Santa Clara University is now underway. Upon completion in fall 2011, this new, eco-friendly residential community, designed by KTGY, will provide 400 beds for the University’s junior and senior students.
“Santa Clara University is excited to have its first eco-friendly housing complex for students, especially since the University’s mission is to become more sustainable and climate neutral,” said Joe Sugg, assistant vice president of University Operations at SCU. “While we teach our students about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, the best way to lead is by example.”
The new student housing is located at 1260 Campbell Avenue on 5.18 acres of land spanning both the cities of Santa Clara and San Jose. The urban infill site is directly adjacent to SCU’s Stephen Schott Stadium and within easy walking distance to University classes and events as well as rail transit.

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