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Santa Clara University’s recruitment efforts in China were featured in the San Jose Mercury News, NBC Bay Area, and CBS5. Mike Sexton (Undergraduate Admissions) and students Qian Jhou Wou and Minao Wang were featured.

Drew Starbird (Leavey) had an oped in BusinessWeek online about how a top priority of business schools these days should be job creation.

Steve Johnson (Markkula) wrote an oped for the San Francisco Chronicle about the need to focus on scientifically proven solutions to bullying.

James Lai (Political Science) was interviewed on KQED public radio about the rise of Asian Americans in San Francisco and Oakland politics.

Nancy Unger (History) was featured on Wisconsin Public Radio, talking about Belle La Follette's campaign against the segregation of Washington, D.C. that had been ordered into place by Woodrow Wilson in 1913.

Brad Joondeph (Law) was quoted in the New York Times about the pro-business focus of the Roberts Supreme Court and spoke to the Wall Street Journal, New York Post and National Public Radio station 89.2 KPCC about a legal setback to the Obama health-care law.

Kirk Hanson (Markkula) spoke with USA Today about the violent rhetoric that was the backdrop for the Tucson shooting and the Kansas City Star about a conflict between a Port Authority lawyer and a contracting deal benefiting his company.

Meir Statman (Finance) was quoted in a CNNMoney story about gold’s resurgent popularity. He was also an expert for WWD's Mensweek on the role of men’s fashion after a recession. His book What Investors Really Want was also reviewed or featured in numerous publications including American Chronicle and AP and Reuters stories carried by many papers around the country.

Judy Nadler (Markkula) was interviewed by KCBS radio about the Berkeley city council agenda item to declare that the alleged Wikileaks leaker, soldier Bradley Manning, should be "freed and declared a hero."

The Scranton Times Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, AP and several other outlets ran stories about the selection of Kevin Quinn (Ignatian Center) to be new President of the University of Scranton.

The San Francisco Chronicle told the tale of the release of wrongfully convicted man Maurice Caldwell, freed with help from the Northern California Innocence Project at SCU.

Eric Goldman (Law) was quoted in ABA Journal about an Apple anti-sexting technology.

The role of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society in creating a directory of market-solutions for poverty was highlighted in the blog

George Mohler’s (Mathematics) work to help Santa Cruz Police Department predict crime based on a model similar to earthquake-aftershock predictors was covered by the Central coast TV station KSBW

Comments by Don Polden (Law) to the Association of American Law Schools on the topics of tenure and ABA accreditation standards were the subject of stories by the Chronicle of Higher Education and the National Law Journal.

A new website dedicated to explaining the Catholic Church’s views on the death penalty, created by Jerry Uelmen (Law) was highlighted in Catholic Voice of Oakland and the website of the California Province of Jesuits. Uelmen was also quoted in the San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle and in a widely reprinted AP story about the retirement of Calif. Supreme Court justice Carlos Moreno.

Steve Diamond (Law) was quoted in a widely reprinted San Jose Mercury News story about the potential investment frenzy that might ensue from a Facebook IPO.

Thomas Plante (Psychology) was quoted in Spero News about common misinformation about the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

Katerina Bezrukova’s (Psychology) research on the psychological effect of injustice in the workplace was featured in Business News Daily, Medical News Today and other publications or sites.

Edward Steinman (Law) was interviewed on KCBS radio about the decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to ask the California Supreme Court to decide whether the ballot measure's sponsors can defend the proposition in a federal court. He also spoke to KGO radio about the proposed Arizona legislation to prevent children of undocumented immigrants to be citizens and about a legal setback to the Obama health care law.

Dale Achabal (Marketing) talked to CBS about how retailers struck the right tone for the recent Christmas shopping season.

Kirthi Kalyanam (Marketing) was interviewed on NBC Bay Area about positive trends for Super Saturday, the last shopping day before Christmas.

Lisa Fullam (JST) was cited in the Arizona Republic and USA Today for her views on a Catholic hospital’s dispute with a bishop over a pregnancy termination conducted to save the mother’s life.

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.


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