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Faculty Receive Tenure, Promotions

President Michael Engh, S.J., has granted tenure and/or promotions to 13 faculty members.
Receiving tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor are:
  • Katherine Aoki, Art and Art History
  • Steven Suljak, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Amy Randall, History
  • David Feldman, Counseling Psychology
  • Sarah Kate Wilson, Electrical Engineering
Receiving tenure is:
  • Jill Pellettieri, Modern Languages and Literatures
 Promoted to the rank of full professor are:
  • Mary Hegland, Anthropology
  • Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Biology
  • Michael Carrasco, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Richard Scott, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Terri Peretti, Political Science
  • Kieran Sullivan, Psychology
  • Lisa Goldstein, Education

All 13 were recognized for their commitment to teaching, student learning, and scholarly research. 

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