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  •  The End of Overeating

    What should I eat? On any given day, it’s the question that we ask ourselves more than any other. How we answer affects everything from our lifespan to our mood. What we choose and what the food industry chooses to produce have also led the country into one of its most significant health crises ever. For millions of Americans, a growing number of health problems can be traced back to the trend of obesity and being overweight. But how did we get here?
    On April 9, David Kessler will deliver in his talk “The End of Overeating” at Santa Clara University.
    A medical doctor; past dean of the medical schools at Yale and the University of California, San Francisco; professor of pediatrics, epidemiology, and biostatistics at UC San Francisco; former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton; lawyer; and now author, Dr. Kessler introduced the Nutrition Facts food labels and led the FDA's investigation of the tobacco industry and tobacco products.
    Known as a hard-line policy watchdog of the food industry, Kessler’s work has examined the physical as well as psychological aspects of overeating. At the most basic level, he asserts that foods loaded with fats, sugars, and salts are tricking our brains into telling us to eat even when we are not hungry. Through his investigation, he has uncovered the origins of the obesity epidemic and explains how we can take control of our eating.
    As the joint Gerald and Sally DeNardo Lectureship event for 2013 and the final event in the President’s Speaker Series, Kessler’s talk will be the major and most effective presentation in the health sciences at Santa Clara University this year. Tickets are free, but need to be reserved in advance. Visit the President’s Speaker Series website to get more information and make plans to join us for an evening about food policy and our nation’s eating habits.

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