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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Angelo Ancheta (Law) received funding of $19,529 from The State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Program to support the "Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center."
Katerina Bezrukova's (Psychology) research, "Out of reach: Examining group faultlines in virtual teams," received an award for Outstanding Conference Poster at the INGRoup conference in Minneapolis, MN.
Marco Bravo (Education) received an additional $48,403 in subcontract funding from UC Berkeley/NSF to support "R&D: The Role of Educative Curriculum in Supporting Science Teaching Practices with English Language Learners."
Amelia Fuller (Chemistry) received a five year award from the National Science Foundation that provides $349,603 to support "CAREER: Expanding the Structural Complexity and Functional Repertoire of Sequence-specific Polyamide Oligomers."
Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) received additional funding from NASA Ames Research Center that provides $98,300 to support "Small Spacecraft Division Microsatellite-Nanosatellite Technology Research & Development Support." This brings total funding for this project to $139,300.
Shoba Krishnan (Electrical Engineering) received an additional $8,333 in subcontract funding from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Energy Prime to support "A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State of the Art Laboratories."
Shoba Krishnan (Electrical Engineering) received $10,000 from the Stevens Institute of Technology to support "2011 Engage Mini-Grant."  
Dale Larson (Psychology) will be a key participant in the Hospice Foundation of America webcast “Beyond Kübler-Ross: New Perspectives on Death, Dying and Grief” in November.
Helen Popper (Economics) received $3,101 from the University of Surrey to support "The Stability of Exchange Rate Regimes."
Dan Strickland (Mechanical Engineering) received $14,907 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support "Regenerative Fuel Cell for Off-Grid Renewable Energy Storage."
Keith Warner (Religious Studies) received $39,543 subcontract from University of California, Riverside/Department of Food and Agriculture prime to support "Biological Control of Arthropod Pests in California Agriculture: Future Prospects with Special Emphasis on its Role in Managing Invasive Species." 
These announcements are from August. September announcements will be published in the next issue on Nov. 1. If you have any announcements you would like to submit, e-mail

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