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Palm Drive Turns into Pedestrian Mall

SCU community members returning this quarter were greeted with a beautiful new makeover on Palm Drive. The street that leads to Mission Church from El Camino Real is now a pedestrian walkway and will be complete with a beautiful new fountain in November.

The change will make the campus safer for pedestrians and will allow visitors to focus on the beauty of the Mission Church instead of on traffic and parked cars.

Alviso Street is also now one way: Traffic enters campus from the north on Franklin Street and exits onto Santa Clara Street at the south end. After commencement in 2014, Alviso Street will close as well. It will reopen as a pedestrian mall after Labor Day in 2014.

A new parking structure will open along Franklin Street on November 15 creating more parking spaces than were lost following the street closures. More handicapped parking spaces are also being added throughout campus. All the pedestrian malls are accessible to emergency vehicles, and Palm Drive is still available for some ceremonial events.

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