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Emotions Triggered

“First Person Shooter,” opening tomorrow night at Mayer Theatre, highlights the struggle of a fictional game maker who is sued after a schoolyard shooting. The play is written by Aaron Loeb who worked in the video game industry for several years.

“Just as one of the characters says in the play, when the tragedy of a school shooting happens we all look for answers and one easy answer is to point to something kids are doing today that lots of adults didn’t do as children,” says co-Director and Theatre Professor Aldo Billingslea of why many blame violent video games for school shootings.

Billingslea adds the play will hit home for a lot of people in the Bay Area. One of the largest video game makers in the country, Electronic Arts, is a short drive north of campus.

The play also takes a swing at how media fuels tension when complicated issues are forced into tight timeslots. One particularly intense scene involves a father who’s just lost his son being interviewed on live television.

“From the sound and fury of the headline-rattling conflict emerges an evocative drama about two men trying to maintain their integrity and focus in a society pushing to reduce them to sound bites about video violence, school bullying, and race,” wrote San Francisco Chronicle theater critic Robert Hurwitt of the play’s run in San Francisco a few years ago.

SCU Presents presents “First Person Shooter” Friday, Feb. 28 through Saturday, March 8. Tickets are $10 for the SCU community and $15 for the public.

For tickets visit:

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