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SCU in the Spotlight

New ABC7 ad features Santa Clara University student

Avid Jeopardy or ABC7 News viewers may have noticed the beautiful Mission Santa Clara flash across their TV screens in the past few weeks.

Santa Clara University was chosen as a location for the local news station's “Where you Live” promo campaign. Malarie Howard, ‘14 is the student featured during the short commercial. She is graduating with a degree in communications this June and is hoping to work in the TV and film industry.

“It was really great to see everything I’m learning in class put to use for an actual commercial,” said Howard. “I love that I’ve had so many opportunities at SCU to see what options are out there in my field.”

The ABC7 crew said Howard was a natural and should think about being in front of the camera instead of her current goal of directing and behind-the-scenes work.

Watch the commercial here:

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