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Offices on the Move

Double check where you’re going before heading out to your meeting, or you might find yourself doing a lot of walking around campus. Several departments moved to new offices this summer. Check out the list below, and if you’re near any of the new offices, stop by and say hello.

International Programs – 755 Franklin St.
Northern California Innocence Project – 900 Lafayette St.
Office of Marketing and Communications – Loyola Hall
Pastoral Ministries – Kenna Hall
Reading Center – Loyola Hall
School of Education and Counseling Psychology – Loyola Hall
School of Law – Bannan Hall
School of Law Departments – Benson Center
School of Law Remote Book Storage – 900 Lafayette St.
Transportation and Parking Office for Students – next door to Campus Safety Services

Watch a slideshow of OMC’s move.

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Charlie Ambelang said on Oct 2, 2009
I never knew that moving could be such fun. Welcome to Loyola!
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