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New Undergraduate Students by the Numbers

The students are here, their suitcases unpacked, and they’re well underway with their studies. This year, some 1,100 freshmen and 245 transfer students joined Santa Clara University.

Amid a tumultuous year for college enrollments across the country, a record number of freshman students applied to Santa Clara University again this past year: 10,226, or nearly 100 more applicants than the year before.

Given the global economic challenges, SCU also experienced an 11 percent increase in prospective students filing for financial aid. The university was able to award $10.5 million in SCU funded scholarships and grants to 69 percent of the freshmen students enrolling this fall. This SCU aid, combined with other federal, state, gifts, student loans, and work opportunities, totaled just over $19.4 million, making it possible to provide financial assistance to 80 percent of the class of 2013.

Snapshot of the Class of 2013
Male 48.1%
Female 51.9%

Asian/Pacific Islander 16.1%
Black 4.6%
Caucasian 38.1%
Hispanic 15.2%
Multiethnic 8.8%
Native American 0.3%
Unknown 17.0%

Where’s home?
California 57.0%
Out-of-state 40.5%
International 1.9%

Watch a slideshow of Welcome Weekend.

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