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SCU Women's Golf Team Helps Santa Cruz Siblings Make a Difference

You’re never too young to make a difference in this world. Just ask nine-year-old Andie Huff who has been collecting pennies for three years to build wells in Africa through the African Well Fund. The Santa Cruz duo has also held food drives, a garage sale, and a lemonade stand to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank to help fight hunger.

Santa Clara University women’s golf coach Polly Schulze, a resident of Aptos, read about Andie two years ago. When she heard Andie and her five-year-old brother Grant were raising money again this year to build their third well, Schulze connected with Andie’s mother, Rachel Huff, online through the Make a Difference Day Web site and decided to get her team involved.

“The team used water bottles, and they walked around campus for a month informing fellow SCU students of their fundraising efforts and the African Well Fund,” said Schulze.

Andie began volunteering when she was six years old, after learning about people in Africa having to walk miles just to get clean water.

“I was impressed by her project because the concept of building wells to benefit communities in Africa is so far removed from her life as a young student in Santa Cruz,” said Jamie Nonaka, a senior in marketing.

“I think it is extraordinary that such a little girl could want to make such a big impact in the world,” said Miki Ueoka, a junior in biochemistry.

The athletes delivered the money they raised to Andie and Grant on Oct. 24. The two are still short some $200 of reaching their goal. Andie says she’s also saving money so that she can hopefully take a trip with her mom to South Africa to visit one of the wells that she helped build.

If you would like to make a donation, you can contact Polly Schulze at

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