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Join the Conversation - SCU's Facebook Page Wants You to Be a Fan

Are you on Facebook yet? Have you become a fan of Santa Clara University? What have you written on your wall today? If these questions puzzle you, you’re one of the few who haven’t joined the most popular social networking Web site in the world.

Santa Clara’s official Facebook page has more than 6,000 fans and counting and is the perfect place to hear about SCU news, events, and discussion among alumni and students.

On the University’s Facebook page, you’ll see recent postings that tell fans of forums, games, celebrations at SCU. Other postings show every day activity on campus, such as a photo of Bucky the Bronco playing hockey at Benson Center. Ten people immediately replied to the post saying they “liked it” (an actual button you click to give it a thumbs-up). What professor influenced you? What are the top 21 things all Broncos should do during their time at SCU? Any advice for recent graduates? These are some of the many questions asked and answered by fans, students, and alumni on Facebook.

Some might feel Facebook is only for teenagers or young adults. Many SCU Facebook fans are actually staff, faculty, alumni, and friends of Santa Clara in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and even in their 50s. In fact, according to Facebook, the fastest growing demographic on the social networking Web site is women over the age of 55, and women outnumber men in every age group.

Check out Facebook and Santa Clara University’s page, and see for yourself.

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