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Center for Science, Technology and Society Announces Recipients of Fall Grant Program

The Center for Science, Technology, and Society has announced the recipients of the fall grant program for both faculty and students. There were a total of 13 proposals, eight from faculty members and five from students.

Project titles ranged from “Digital Inequality & Success in the Digital Job Market: Benefiting Disadvantaged Youth in the US and South America,” in which Laura Robinson will work to develop a protocol whereby low-income high school students will receive training in computer skills that will allow them to be successful in entering the job market, to “Discovery of Drug Leads for Addressing Parasitic Diseases in the Developing World,” in which Amelia Fuller will conduct research on the synthesis of an array of molecules that mimic anti-microbial peptides as leads for drugs against trypansomiastic diseases afflicting people in the developing world.

This inaugural competition supports projects that are commensurate with the Center’s mission, “to understand and enable the innovative application of science and technology for global human benefit.” CSTS is pleased to make these research awards and hopes that these internal grants can help faculty seek additional, extramural funds, as well as continue to mentor our student scholars. The Center also encourages the integration of this research with new STS course development and the Values in Science & Technology pathway (also sponsored by CSTS). Read more.

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