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Santa Clara University Rolls Out Zipcar

No car? No problem. At least that’s the message Santa Clara hopes to send when it officially launches its own Zipcar chapter this January. The car-sharing program, found in urban areas and other universities like Duke and USC, will allow faculty, staff, and students to rent vehicles for dollars on the hour.

The idea came more than two years ago, when the Center for Student Leadership began looking at new cars for the Santa Clara Community Action Program to use for service projects and volunteering. Working through then-Associated Students Senator Katherine Quinn-Shea and CSL Director Jon Gray, the University got to the contract phase with another rental service before talks stalled and the issue was dropped.

Car-sharing was given new life last year when Senator Courtney Seymour began working with Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students Jeanne Rosenberger and Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life Matt Cameron on a series of reports and presentations to convince the administration to move forward with Zipcar. Director of Campus Safety Charlie Arolla began talks with the service around the same time and has since been designated Zipcar’s University representative. Read more.

Click here for slideshow of launch event.

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