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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Richard Barber (physics) has received additional subcontract funding of $18,797 from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to support “Oxides, Interfaces and Disorder.” The U.S. Department of Energy provides the funding for this project.

John Hawley (English) guest edited a Special Topic Issue of the 2009 South Asian Review on “Theorizing Religion in a Postmodern Context.”

Francisco Jimenez (modern languages and literatures) gave the commencement address at the University of San Francisco’s graduation ceremony in December and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, honoris causa.

Unyoung (Ashley) Kim (bioengineering) was awarded a Technology Steering Committee grant of $38,364 for a fluorescence microscope for undergraduate education and research in the bioengineering program.

Christopher Kitts (mechanical engineering) has received $50,000 in subcontract funding from Adaptive Communications Research, Inc. to support “Reconfigurable Sparse Array Smart Antenna System via Multi-Robot Control.”

Dan Lewis (computer engineering) was invited to attend an NSF meeting in Los Angeles in February of PI’s in the NSF Broadening Participation in Computing Program and was awarded a scholarship by The Center for Embedded Networked Sensing at UCLA. Lewis also gave an interview about the BS programs in computing at SCU, which was appeared in the January 2010 issue of CSTA Voice.

Catherine Montfort (modern languages and literature) edited Women in French Studies, Vol. 16, Regular issue, 199 p. She also co-edited Eclectic Expressions: Women’s Triumphs, Past and Present (Women in French Studies Special Issue), 192 p.

Godfrey Mungal (School of Engineering) presented a paper, titled “Plasma Assisted Flame Holding in Subsonic and Supersonic Flows,” at the 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) delivered a keynote lecture titled “Adaptation as a system attribute” at the 2009 International Conference on Adaptive Systems and Technology.

Ogunfunmi (electrical engineering) and Ph.D. student, Ifiok Umoh wrote a paper titled “An Affine Projection-Based Algorithm for Identification of Nonlinear Hammerstein Systems,” which was accepted for publication in the journal Signal Processing.

William Stover (political science) presented a paper to international conInformation Technology and the Construction of Moral Reasoning, Empathy, and Affect: Crossing Time, Space, and Attitudes in Virtual Reality with Mali A. Mann and Marina Mankaryous, International Journal of Science in Society, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2009), pp. 157–170.

Sarah Kate Wilson (electrical engineering) has been elected to the IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors. She was also lauded for the “superb job she has done” over the past year as editor-in-chief of IEEE Communications Letters by Larry Greenstein, director of journals.

Yuling Yan (bioengineering) and her co-authors wrote a paper titled “An improved optical lock-in detection method for contrast-enhanced imaging in living cells,” which was accepted for oral presentation at the 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering in June in Chengdu, China.

Betty Young (physics) co-organized the 13th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors in Stanford in July. Young was also primary editor of the 800-page, peer-reviewed proceedings recently published by AIP.

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More grants, awards, and publications will appear in the next edition of fyi.

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