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New Editorial Style Guide for Print, Web Publications Now Online

Wondering how to abbreviate academic degrees? Whether to use the serial comma? When to capitalize academic titles? Or how to choose between “its” or “it’s”?

The latest version of the University’s Editorial Style Guidelines is now online. It’s a tool for everyone writing for print or electronic publications for SCU. The guide provides quick answers to many commonly recurring questions such as:


  • When do you capitalize department names?
  • Is it “Web Site,” “web site,” or “website”?
  • When do you capitalize “university”?
  • Is it “Joe Smith ’12” or “sophomore Joe Smith”?
  • When do you abbreviate months?
  • When do you use “Dr.” in a title?
  • Is it “Michael Engh, S.J.”; “Fr. Michael Engh”; or “Michael E. Engh, S.J.”?


Bookmark the fully searchable online style guide today:

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