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SCU in the News

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks:

Eric Goldman (Law) was quoted in a Wall Street Journal story—liberally cited by other publications like the Industry Standard, Network World and others— about antitrust maneuvering by Microsoft against Google. Goldman also was quoted in a story by about ways that freelance reporters and bloggers can defend themselves legally. He also talked to Bloomberg—in a story picked up worldwide—about how an Italian judge’s invasion-of-privacy charges against three Google executives would have killed most U.S. Internet companies. He also was in CNET,, ITProPortal and Warren's Washington Internet Daily discussing matters from a federal judge’s dismissal of a patent-infringement suit against Google to when legal damages can accrue if material is pulled from a site due to false copyright claims.

The uncanny similarities between Sanjiv Das (Finance) and Sanjiv Das, the head of Citibank’s mortgage department, were the subject of a Reuters feature story that also explored his research into optimum ways to restructure mortgages. The story was picked up by publications and sites like MSN Money, CNBC, MortgageNews Daily, Washington Post, International Business Times, Yahoo! India and Canada.

The SCU class The Joy of Garbage was featured on Huffington Post’s list of Top 10 Coolest Classes.

Tom Plante (Psychology) was interviewed on NBC for a story on the new trend of “pre-prenups,” which are prenuptial agreements between unmarried couples. He also continued his regular blogging for Psychology Today’s website, giving insights about what it means, psychologically, to have a role model and using spiritual approaches to finding meaning, purpose, and vocation.

Student and basketball player Troy Alexander was featured on KCBS radio for his fundraising efforts to Nothing but Nets, a charitable group that buys mosquito nets to combat malaria in Africa and elsewhere.

Meir Statman (Finance) was quoted in a Money Magazine article about the wrong way to pick mutual funds (purely by performance data).

Colleen Chien (Law) was quoted in a story that ran on, BusinessWeek, CIO Today, and numerous other sites, about the International Trade Commission becoming a new forum for patent disputes that are delayed or lost in federal court.

Mario Belotti (Economics) appeared in an ABC7 newscast, which was also picked up by local news websites, about the tenuous good news that consumer spending rose 4 percent recently.

Michelle Oberman (Law) was quoted in (a publication for the Lower Hudson Valley of New York) about the true markers of matricide, compared to murderers who happen to be mothers.

David Friedman (Law) wrote an item for Investors Business Daily about the fallacy of government contraction during the Great Depression.

Jerry Uelmen (Law) was quoted in a widely syndicated Sacramento Bee article about a diver who smuggled five pounds of marijuana onto a plane flight.

USA Today noted that two SCU law students traveled to Haiti over spring break, in a story about students taking a risk and going to help after the earthquake. The story quoted law student Caitlin Robinett.

Student Chad Greer’s candidacy for San Jose City Council was noted in the San Jose Mercury News.

Click here for a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks.

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