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SCU's Facebook Asks Graduating Seniors to Share Their Memories

The conversation on Santa Clara University’s Facebook page this past week centered around a contest for graduating seniors. Leading up to graduation on June 12, the University’s Facebook page is running a contest for seniors. If they answer some trivia questions, write a haiku, or share a memory or a photo in Bronco apparel, they can win SCU gear, parking passes, and tickets to the alumni picnic.

SCU asked the question: “If there is anything you can do before the day of graduation to finish your SCU career in style, what would it be?” The best answer wins an SCU license plate frame and decal.

A big shout out to SCU senior Dorothy Ma who said, “I would take every person--friend, classmate, professor, faculty-- who made my experience at SCU better out for a drink and personally tell them how much they meant to me. It [would] be a long night but it [would] be worth it!”

Matt Cavaliere said, “I would either go skydiving with my roommates or go to the Bronco and spend about $50 in food for a goodbye party with my roomies and some friends.”

Social media websites like Facebook are helping to get the word out about SCU, its community, excellence in academics, the benefits of becoming a Bronco, and everyday news and events related to the University.

See for yourself by logging onto Facebook and “liking” Santa Clara University. Be a part of the phenomenon and the conversations that are happening every day online.

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