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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Ruth Davis (Computer Engineering) attended the National Center for Women and Information Technology annual meeting in Portland and the Pacesetters meeting. She presented on the new Web Design and Engineering degree program and its success in attracting female students. She also met with Charlie McDowell of UCSC about the Bay Area Regional Aspirations in Computing Award for high school girls (the award event will be at the Computer Museum in Mountain View).

Amelia Fuller (Chemistry) has received a two-year grant from Research Corporation that provides $17,500 to support “Efficient Identification of Protein Mimics.”

Dennis Gordon (Political Science) gave a panel presentation titled "Institutional Perspectives on Short Term Study Abroad" at the annual meeting of the Forum on Education Abroad in Charlotte, N.C. in March. He also authored “The Promises and Perils of Ecotourism in Trinidad and Tobago,” which was published in Caribbean Tourism: More than Sun, Sand, and Sea.

Lester Goodchild (Education) presented “Tackling the Dissertation Design and Process,” at an invited dissertation faculty workshop for 150 participants in the Conference and Seminars for Postgraduate Supervisors section, and “Understanding the Parts of a Good Thesis,” an invited doctoral student workshop for 275 participants in the Seminars for Postgraduates section, both presentations given at the 2nd International Doctoral Education Research Network meeting at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April. He gave a follow up report of this 2nd IDERN Malaysian conference to the Special Interest Group on Doctoral Education Across the Disciplines at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in Denver, Colo. in May.

Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) has received $80,000 in subcontract funding from University of Alaska Fairbanks to support “RETINA:  Robotic Exploration Technologies in Astrobiology.” NASA provides the funding for this project. Kitts was also an invited speaker at the 9th International Symposium on Technology and Mines - Unmanned Systems, Technologies, Concepts and Applications, held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. He presented Robotics Lab work on SWATH marine sensing platforms and on the use of multi-boat systems for environmental monitoring and homeland security applications.

Hohyun Lee (Mechanical Engineering) wrote “Effects of nanoscale porosity on thermoelectric properties of SiGe,” which was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Nam Ling (Computer Engineering) has received $125,500 in funding from Droplet Technology, Inc. to support “Adaptive Bit-Rate Control for Wavelet-Based Video Coding.” Ling and Ph.D. student Jun Zhang will present their paper, “Prediction-Based Macroblock Mode Mapping for Video Coding,” and Ling and PhD student Xiang Li will present their paper, “Prediction-Based Adaptive Transform Coefficients Scanning for Inter-Frame Video Coding,” at the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems in Paris, France this week.

Kevin Quinn (Ignatian Center) has received a $30,000 Award grant from the Y and H Soda Foundation. This is first year funding of an anticipated three-year award to provide funding for the Ignatian Center's “Companions in Ignatian Service and Spirituality.”

Yuling Yan (Bioengineering) has published an article she co-authored titled, “Optical Manipulation of Protein Activity and Protein Interactions Using Caged Proteins and Optical Switch Protein Conjugates,” in the book Photosensitive Control of Biological Function published by Elsevier.

Betty Young (Physics) has received $53,096 from the National Science to support “Detector Optimization for SuperCDMS and Other Experiments.”

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