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Time in a Capsule at the Donohoe Alumni House

Picture this: 50, 75, or maybe even 100 years from today, someone from Santa Clara University’s Alumni Association opening a time capsule filled with items that could be foreign to them—a license plate frame, a set of keys, and a DVD. Who knows whether automobiles, key locks, and a DVD player will even exist in the future, but the Alumni Association hopes future Broncos will understand the significance of all 20 items that were sealed, buried, and encased in concrete behind the Donohoe Alumni House on Oct. 20.

“The Alumni Association is about history and tradition, and this is a monumental time,” says Kathy Kale, executive director of the Alumni Association. “Renovations are underway at the Donohoe Alumni House, and when it’s finished in December, we’ll have the entire building for alumni outreach.”

Among the important items is Fr. Paul Locatelli’s funeral mass program to remind people of his legacy and how the University would not be what it is today had it not been for his actions.

A Pat Malley Wine Bottle commemorates 1953 alumnus and Athletic Director Pat Malley, who brought back football and served as the team’s coach. This particular bottle was from a special reserve for an event honoring Malley’s 25th year as coach.

The Alumni Association couldn’t forget a wine glass from Vintage Santa Clara to remember a true tradition for families, friends, staff, and Santa Clara neighbors to enjoy vintages from top California wineries and food from Bay Area restaurants and vendors.

As more editions of newspapers and magazines go out of print and onto the Web, someone opening the time capsule 50 to 100 years from now might be fascinated to find a copy of Santa Clara Magazine and The Santa Clara student newspaper, which were dropped into the air- and water-tight barrel.

Copies of two documents detailing the evolution of the building from an infirmary to a dedicated alumni house are Kale’s favorite.

“I think it’s important for generations to know that the Donohoe Alumni House didn’t come easy and that a lot of work went into making it what it is today,” says Kale.

A plaque will mark the spot where the time capsule is buried. That will take place during a special open house after construction is complete.

A full list of the items in the time capsule can be found at the Alumni Association’s website.


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