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Emily Burke Reflects on Bronco Career

It all started in fifth grade. Emily Burke was moving to a new school, and her parents urged her to start playing volleyball as a way to acclimate herself to the new atmosphere. Volleyball evolved into more than just a path to new friendships, however, and Burke excelled at the sport, continuing to play all throughout high school and college.

She transferred to Santa Clara after her sophomore year and continued to play the tough role as setter. But just as she had done in fifth grade, Burke used volleyball to help smooth the transition into a new school.  

She instantly became an integral part of the Broncos’ success, and as a senior this year she averaged nearly 10 assists per set, 2.4 digs per game and posted a .243 hitting average.

Burke brings more than simply statistics to the Bronco squad though; as one of the captains she also embodies leadership and maturity. She says, “I have learned so much about leadership and patience, and I appreciate everything I have learned from my teammates. We are all individuals who come together as a team to work toward one goal.” Read more.


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