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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Mohammad Ayoubi (Mechanical Engineering) and graduate student Li-Chou Tai presented a paper entitled "Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control of a Wind Turbine Operating in Region 3" at the International Mechanical Engineer Congress & Exhibition in November in Vancouver, Canada. Ayoubi was also co-organizer of one of the sessions in Dynamic Systems and Control.
Monem Beitelmal and Drazen Fabris (Mechanical Engineering) co-authored a research article entitled "Introducing A Novel Reactor Concept: Indirectly Fired Integrated Gasification and Steam Generation System" that was presented at the ASME/IMECE international mechanical engineering conference in November in Vancouver, Canada. Beitelmal also co-authored a research article entitled "A steady-state model for the design and optimization of a centralized cooling system,” which was published in the November issue of the International Journal of Energy Research.
The second edition of Jane Curry’s (Political Science) text Central and East European Politics was released. Curry had an article in the Harvard International Review on the role of journalists in transitions like the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and Rose Revolution in Georgia. This was based on research done interviewing participants as part of a U.S. Institute of Peace grant.
Les Goodchild(Education) presented "Teaching the History of Education: A National Report on Its Decline and How We Can Revive It," at the 50th anniversary conference of the History of Education Society (HES) meeting in November in Boston. It was presented during HES President Jonathan Zimmerman's presidential address.
Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and Talal Al-Attar (Electrical Engineering) and Ph.D. student Ifiok Umoh had a paper presented at the 2010 Asilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems and Computers in November in Asilomar, Calif. The paper is titled "A 0.18um CMOS Narrow-band LNA Linearization Using Digital Baseband Post-Distortion." At the same conference, Ogunfunmi and Ph.D. student Wally Kozacky had another paper presented. It’s titled "An Adaptive IIR Filter with Constraints on the Output Power Level."
Maria Pantoja and Nam Ling (Computer Engineering) will present their paper, "Acceleration of Reconfigurable Video Coding Using New Parallel Architectures," at the APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference Dec. 14-17 in Singapore.
Terry Shoup (Mechanical Engineering) has been selected to the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame for his outstanding professional achievement and significant contributions to the Silicon Valley community and will be inducted during the Engineers' Week Banquet on Feb. 24.
Sukhmander Singh (Civil Engineering) presented a paper, "Characterization of the Sheer Strength of Municipal Solid Waste for Landfill Design," at the 6th International Congress on Enviromental Geotechnics last month.
Dan Strickland (Mechanical Engineering) was awarded a Roelandts Fellow grant from the Center for Science, Technology, and Society for his work to develop a portable solar/hydrogen fuel cell generator for off-grid electrification to meet basic necessities such as lighting, cooling, and refrigeration.
Katie Wilson (Electrical Engineering) was an interviewee for an article that was pubished in the November issue of IEEE Communications Magazine.


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