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Student Ambassadors Play Important Role at SCU

Sophomore Ryan Clark is one of the three leaders of Santa Clara Student Ambassadors for the 2010–11 school year. The program is here to give people the students’ point of view concerning what SCU really is.
“It’s a chance for them to hear the honest truth from people who genuinely live and study here.” The 24 ambassadors have three duties that they generally perform: they greet people at various events and locations, sit on student question and answer panels, and, most frequently, guide campus tours. They also play a prominent role during both Preview Days and Open House.
As a leader of the program, Clark, along with sophomore Nicky Nienow-Birch and senior Makensy Smith, does the behind-the-scenes work like scheduling and event planning, along with personally working on the ambassadors’ Web presence. On that front, his current project: revamping their Facebook page.
The panel allows students and parents to ask specific, often pointed questions and hear the ambassadors “infuse the factual data with personal experiences” after the tour covers the basics of SCU. He also mentioned that the ambassadors sometimes have to field some strange questions from parents during tours and panels. They try their best to answer truthfully while also representing the University in the best light.
They are currently conducting interviews for their winter quarter crop and looking for well-rounded, confident students involved in a variety of activities that will be able to hold in reserve a wide variety of knowledge about the University, and can direct parents and students to the right people if they don’t have the answer themselves.
According to Clark, the ambassadors are an interesting group. “We’re a very fun-loving bunch of outgoing students. What makes this unique is that we’re looking to fill in all niches when hiring since we have to represent the whole school. That makes this group as diverse as you can imagine and as an ambassador you meet all these people you wouldn’t normally.”


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