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Residence Hall Energy Challenge 2011

This winter quarter, both on- and off-campus residents will compete in Santa Clara University’s 2nd Annual Residence Hall Energy Challenge. This year’s slogan is “Kill-a-watt, $ave-a-lot!”

Rather than rivaling against one another, houses and residence halls will attempt to reduce their buildings’ electricity consumption in comparison to data from previous years.

Students who live on campus will be able to keep track of their residence hall’s electricity use by visiting this site and seeing their buildings’ consumption in real-time through SCU’s Electricity Graphing System. In the spirit of the game and competition, the 10-week challenge will also include other activities to unify both the Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) on campus and off-campus residents under the message of the importance of energy conservation. Activities include:

  • Low-Carbon Diet Dinner
  • “Hoe Down” dance party + eco-fashion show
Check back often to see each building’s progress, and join the Facebook fan page. Read more.

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