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NCAA Review of SCU Intercollegiate Athletics

The NCAA requires a decennial review of all Division 1 intercollegiate athletic programs, at the conclusion of which the NCAA will certify a school’s program, certify it with conditions, or deny certification. The process for review of Santa Clara’s programs is underway and will culminate in an NCAA decision in winter or spring of 2012. In two previous cycles of the review, the NCAA certified the University’s athletic programs without conditions.

The critical part of this review is the University’s preparation of a self-study, using a self-study instrument prescribed by the NCAA. The instrument articulates Operating Principles with which the athletic program must comply in the areas of governance, commitment to rules compliance, academic integrity, gender and racial diversity, and student-athlete welfare. With respect to each of those areas, the University must respond to a series of questions designed to elicit information about whether its athletic programs comply with those Operating Principles. 

A University committee charged with preparing the self-study welcomes your comments about or contributions to the self-study as to any of the questions contained in the self-study instrument, which you may view at

Your comments or contributions should be submitted by using the form provided at Comments should be submitted no later than the first week in March if they are to be meaningfully considered by the committee preparing the self-study.


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