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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Angelo Ancheta (Law) has received a one-year renewal of $32,343 from the State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Program - Equal Access Fund.

Katerina Bezrukova (Psychology) and her co-authors wrote a paper, titled "Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting: A Justice Perspective on Conflict in Diverse Groups." This paper has been accepted for publication by the journal Small Group Research. 

The Career Center recently hosted a program for 38 employers presented by Intern Bridge, the leading college recruiting consulting and research firm responsible for the largest internship-specific surveys in the country. The program was titled "Total Internship Management and Networking Event" and provided participants with the tools to provide effective and meaningful internship programs.

Silvia Figueira (Computer Engineering) received a gift of $30,000 from Datacare Corporation for her research on the analysis of medical data.
Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) has received $33,000 from the University of Alaska Fairbanks/NASA to support "RETINA: Robotic Exploration Technologies in Astrobiology." Additionally, Kitts and Ruth Davis (Computer Engineering) have received $1,142,000 from the Kern Family Foundation to support "An Undergraduate Education Program in Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship."
Laurie Laird (Ignatian Center) received the California Campus Compact's 2011 Richard E. Cone Award for Excellence & Leadership in Cultivating Community Partnerships in Higher Education. Laird was recognized for her vision and imagination in building, deepening, and sustaining authentic community-campus partnerships, particularly at a time of economic instability.
Amy Shachter (Chemistry) has received $250,000 from the W.M. Keck Foundation to support "Advanced Bioscience Initiative."
Yuling Yan (Bioengineering) has received an additional $53,505 from UC Berkeley to support "High-Contrast Imaging of Single Molecules in Live Cells." This amendment funds Year 3 of an anticipated four year grant totaling $220,842.
More grants, awards, and publications will appear in the next edition of fyi.


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