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Now Starring: The Drahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center

Advisors Garrison Dyer and Jeremy Wang knew that they needed some way to attract distracted college students and remind them of the necessary yet often-forgotten services at the Drahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center. So, inspired by the popular website YouTube and mindful of the short attention span many students have, Dyer and Wang began brainstorming a video during the 2007­–08 school year that they could film to advertise their services.
The team’s first video featured the near-ubiquitous election advertisements of 2008, and they’ve followed up that production with two additional spoof-style videos. Their most recent effort is a faux news broadcast featuring, along with Dyer and Wang, Monica Parikh, the new director of Learning Resources and Advising Outreach for the Benson Tutoring Center. 
Dyer and Wang are conscious of their videos’ low production values. In fact, they embrace them. “This is just stuff we’ve done for fun, stuff we enjoy…it’s intentionally goofy, but the whole point is to reach out to students. We’re just after a seed.”
They are enthusiastic about the reception the videos have received and, though they haven’t quite yet started figuring out what they’ll do next, they definitely plan to have something up their sleeves in the very near future.
Meanwhile, now that Parikh has completed filming for her cameo in Dyer and Wang’s video, she has taken on her latest responsibility directing the new Benson Tutoring Center video. SCU has had a dedicated tutoring program for years but, aside from being scattered throughout Benson Memorial Center, the tutors didn’t previously have a centralized headquarters until renovations took place last summer. With this new center, tutors and students know exactly where they can report to and where the office and its myriad resources are located.
“This is an ideal space…we got very lucky,” says Parikh, very thankful for the new facilities and with plans in mind. Now that tutors have a welcoming place to call their own, Parikh mentioned the increased availability and says that this will “improve visibility…students didn’t know we were here.” She says that the current tutoring program is fully operational, with promotion and marketing on the slate for 2011.
Parikh also wants to make sure it is known that the Tutoring Center is always hiring, especially for math and the sciences, and also that current tutors cover most lower-division courses. Now, she says, the only job left is to get “fully established and integrated in Benson.” With thousands of students at Santa Clara and few extraordinarily proficient at every subject, the Center should have no problem attracting new clients and settling into their new home in Benson 1.


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