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The San Jose Mercury News ran a column about social media and religion, which featured Elizabeth Drescher (Religious Studies) who has a book coming out on the subject. Numerous other papers picked up the column. Also, a Religion Dispatches article written by Drescher bout the controversial iPhone app for Catholic confession-goers was praised by Catholic Register.  
The Philadelphia Inquirer published Thomas Plante's (Psychology) oped on the most common myths about the clergy sexual abuse scandal. He was also interviewed by Ventura County Star about Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony's retirement and legacy that's marred by the sexual-abuse scandal.
A study on duopolies co-authored by Allen Hammond (Law) was cited in stories about Rupert Murdock, in the Columbia Journalism Review and the Washington Post.
Nancy Unger's (History) oped on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to take away the union rights of most public workers was published in The Bakersfield Californian and the Wisconsin State Journal.
Research indicating that happiness adds to one’s ability to delay gratification, by John Ifcher and Homa Zarghamee (Economics) was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s  Ideas Market blog and the New York Times blog Freakanomics. The pair also had a Q&A in the blog Science + Religion Today.
Judy Nadler (Markkula) was interviewed in KCBS radio about a San Francisco Chronicle story showing that Gov. Jerry Brown of California is not revealing his entire workday schedule. She spoke to a Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights blogger about Gavin Newsom’s plans to lease office space from a campaign contributor and to the Indianapolis Star and Martinsville Daily about various government ethics topics.
News that Ed Maurer (Engineering) was named one of 21 Google science communication fellows was picked up by several sites including and  
Pat Cain (Law) was interviewed by Tax Notes about the complexities of a new IRS rule allowing same-sex partners to claim refunds using state community property rules.
Joe Sugg (University Operations) was interviewed on CreaTV about Santa Clara University's sustainability initiatives. He was also interviewed by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal about the Chromasun solar thermal system installed on the rooftop of Benson Memorial Center.
Brad Joondeph (Law) was quoted by about the pace of lawsuits challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and his blog was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. quoted him in a story about the oddities of having Washington state’s top legal enforcer fighting the Obama health law while the governor supports it.
Daniel Aguiar (CIE) gave an interview to the blog about how college students can find start-up and small company internship opportunities. Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal picked up the story.
Jim Balassone (Markkula) was quoted in about a study showing that the majority of Americans would cross a picket line for a good job.
A symposium organized by Eric Goldman (Law) about the 15-year anniversary of a key Internet law, was the subject of several days of social-media chatter on Twitter and blogs.  Stories stemming from the conference were posted at, Computerworld, Techdirt, and (which was picked up on various Yahoo! Sites). Also, Goldman was quoted in TechWeb, the San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Warren’s Washington Internet Daily about tech-law topics.
A 1975 photo of students enjoying a rare snowfall, which was provided by SCU’s Archive and Special Collections,  ran on every local TV station, MSNBC,  and the San Jose Mercury News, as part of stories about how there might be snow in Silicon Valley for the first time in decades. 
Marilyn Fernandez (Sociology) was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about Santa Clara’s demographic changes. The story was picked up in several other papers. 
John Hamm (Management) wrote an article for Quality Digest about the qualities of leadership. Quotes from him on the same subject ran in Baret News and American Surveyor.
Tyler Ochoa (Law) was quoted in about why TV streamer Ivi – which has been ordered to cease certain operations - does not meet the legal definition of a cable system. 
Deep Gulasekaram (Law) was quoted in various newspapers and websites, including the Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee, Hispanic Business, and, about California’s attorney general seeking to lift the stay on gay marriages while the matter is litigated.
Meir Statman (Finance) was in Reuters Analysis and Opinion discussing how constantly checking on investments can be counterproductive; in Daily Analysis discussing why Warren Buffett is not a good role model for small investors; on Bloomberg TV discussing the role of luck in investing, and in the Chicago Tribune discussing his own investing foibles.
Santa Clara University was mentioned in two stories in the San Jose Mercury News for being the host and integral participant in a new group, Sivic, which is promoting interreligious unity and voice in Silicon Valley.  
Sandee Magliozzi  (Law Professional Development) spoke to the Recorder about how law firms can add value. The story was picked up in the Community Voices blog of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
Cookie Ridolfi and Maurice Possley (NCIP) co-wrote an oped for the San Jose Mercury News on the lack of penalties for prosecutors of later-exonerated defendants.
A study co-authored by Matthew Jobin (Anthropology), showing that humans originated in South Africa, was covered by  
Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media during the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.
***NOTE: Use EXTREME CAUTION before printing the linked information, as it will be dozens of pages!! ***


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