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Dissecting Diversity One Layer at a Time

What does diversity mean in the San Francisco Bay Area? What conversations should students, faculty, and staff have to better understand one another? What issues are college campuses facing today?
These are some of the many questions Bay Area universities will tackle at the Diversity Leadership Conference at Santa Clara University on Saturday, April 30 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The event is co-sponsored by SCU, Stanford, San Jose State, and De Anza College thanks to a grant from Google.
The day-long event will have 40 workshops, covering four main themes: civic engagement, social justice, education equity, and intersection of multiple identities. Speakers and panelists from at least 15 universities and organizations, such as UC Berkeley, Mills College, and St. Mary’s, will be leading the workshops and discussions. Jeff Chang, author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, will give the keynote address.
Some of the workshops include:
Diversity and Inclusion in the Technology Industry
Sarah Stuart, Google
Bursting the Bubble: An Honest Dialogue of Student Experiences with Racism
Isabel Duron and Jessica Cassella, SCU
First Year Students’ Understanding of Diversity
Rona T. Halualani and Christopher M. Lancaste, SJSU
“I Ain’t Hood; I Live in the Suburbs”
Victoria Asbury, Stanford
Understanding and Assessing the Outcomes of Campus Diversity Initiatives for Asian American College Students
Dawn Lee, UC Davis
Intersecting Identities: Professional Identity, Gender Identity, and Workplace Behavior
Monica Hudson and Eden-Renee Pruitt, USF and Bard College at Simon Rock
Visit the Diversity Leadership Conference website for more information and a full list of all the workshops.
Limited seats are available, and if you register before the end of the week, students receive a early bird rate of $10 and non-students $35. Rates increase to $15 and $45 respectively starting March 19.

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