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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Angelo Ancheta (Law) has received year one funding of $31,024 from County of Santa Clara to support the "Unmet Civil Legal Services Program."
Marco Bravo (Education) has received an additional $46,405 in subcontract funding from UC Berkeley/National Science Foundation to support "R&D: The Role of Educative Curriculum in Supporting Science Teaching Practices with English Language Learners."  
Matt Cameron (Student Life) has received the Ignatian Medal for Outstanding Service to Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators.
Rohit Chopra (Communication) has guest edited an issue of Indian journal The Economic and Political Weekly, “Reflections on Empire” (March 26-April 1) and also authored a piece in the issue, “Resurrection and Normalisation of Empire.”
Matthew Duncan (Office of Student Life) has received an additional $38,238 in subcontract funding from Palo Alto University/U.S. Department of Education to support "Competition to Prevent High-Risk Drinking and Violent Behavior Among College Students."  
Alex Field (Economics) has a new book, A Great Leap Forward, published by the Yale University Press.
Fred Foldvary (Economics) had an article, "Are Financial Markets Efficient?" published in The Progress Report.
Unyoung (Ashley) Kim (Bioengineering) is one of the nine investigators in a proposal, "Advanced Bioscience Initiative," awarded by Fletcher Jones Foundation totaling $500,000.
Dan Lewis (Computer Engineering) has been invited to become a member of San Jose Unified School District's Advisory Committee for Career-Technical Education.
Nam Ling (Computer Engineering) was an invited participant in the 10-year anniversary celebration of Huawei-United States and the opening of its R & D center in Santa Clara, on April 5.
Ed Maurer (Civil Engineering) has received a FulbrightVisiting Scholars grant. He will spend a portion of his upcoming sabbatical year in Chile where he will work with colleagues at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile from July through December conducting research to aid resource planners and managers in anticipating and adapting to impacts of climate change on water resources.
Craig Stephens (Biology) and Unyoung (Ashley) Kim (Bioengineering) were awarded a Jeff and Karen Miller Faculty Fellowship in Frugal Innovation Grant of $4,768 for Accelerating HIV Diagnosis/Monitoring through Compact and Low-cost Flow Cytometry in Developing Countries.
Sarah Kate Wilson (Electrical Engineering) had a paper, “SCFDE with Space-Time Coding for IM/DD Optical Wireless Communication,” Kodzovi Acolatse (NJIT); Yeheskel Bar-Ness (NJIT); presented this week at the 2011 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) in Cancun, Mexico.
Betty Young (Physics) has received year one funding of $40,395 from the National Science Foundation to support the "Cryogenic Detector Work for SuperCDMS and Beyond."
More grants, awards, and publications will appear in the next edition of fyi.


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