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A Mammoth Discovery: Faculty, Students Dig for Columbian Mammoth Remains in Castroville

About a dozen Santa Clara University archaeology and anthropology students and faculty are getting an opportunity that comes rarely, if ever, to scholars of ancient life.

They are part of a team that is painstakingly digging up the remains of two Columbian Mammoths, creatures that lumbered the earth more than 9,000 years ago and have been entombed in clay mud in Castroville, Calif., apparently for centuries.
For the past month, SCU’s students have joined faculty and students from Foothill College and San Jose State University at the site, spending every minute of their spare time on the project. The students have not only been digging for bones, but they also built an irrigation system during the torrential rainstorms in March so the site wouldn’t flood. Read more.
Watch a slide show of the excavation.
Watch interviews with Dr. King and his students.
Watch an exclusive news story from NBC Bay Area.


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