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Grants, Awards, and Publications

Richard Barber(Physics) received an additional $19,158 in subcontract funding from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/Dept. of Energy to support "Oxides, Interfaces and Disorder." 

Katerina Bezrukova (Psychology) co-authored a paper titled "The effects of alignments: Examining group faultlines, organizational culture, and performance" that was accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Psychology.
Greg Corning (Political Science) has an article, “Trade Regionalism in a Realist East Asia: Rival Visions and Competitive Bilateralism,” published in the Journal Asian Perspective.
David Jones (University Library) received the 2011 Beacon Award from the Innovative Users Group April 14.
Shoba Krishnan (Electrical Engineering) received $8,333 subcontract award from the University of Minnesota/Dept. of Energy to support "A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State of the Art Laboratories."
Elizabeth McKeigue (University Library) co-wrote an article, "Going Beyond the Desk: 21st Century Reference, Outreach, and Teaching Services," which was published in the book, Reference Reborn: Breathing New Life into Public Services Librarianship.
Godfrey Mungal Engineering) presented two papers at the AIAA International Space Planes Hypersonic Systems & Technical Conference in San Francisco April 11-14: “The Influence of Boundary Layers on Supersonic Inlet Unstart,” by H. Do, S. Im, M. G. Mungal and M. A. Cappelli and “Ignition and Flame Structure in a Compact Inlet/Scramjet Combustor Model,” by M. Gamba, V. A. Miller, M. G. Mungal and R. K. Hanson.
Justen Whittall (Biology) received $40,000 from the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management to support "Identifying Reservoirs of Genetic Diversity and Reproductive Mode in the San Benito Evening Primrose (Camissonia Benitensis)."


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