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May 17, 2004, Vol. 3, No. 9
Santa Clara University

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Prospective students tour SCU.

Admissions office hits June target for deposits from admitted freshmen 

Academic profile of students making deposits features higher GPA and SAT scores

The Undergraduate Admissions office reports that the number of admitted freshmen who made their enrollment deposits exceeds the target for this year.

“This should be good financial news, since undergraduate tuition usually represents about 50 percent of our annual operating budget,” said Dennis Roberts, budget director.


The University received 1,114 freshman deposits for fall 2004 by May 7. Counselors spent May 6 and 7 offering admission to selected applicants who had been placed on waiting lists, and 110 of them also committed to attend. These additional deposits were expected to arrive by May 14, which would raise the deposit total to 1,224.

“This will certainly be a diverse and impressive class.”
—Sandra Hayes 

SCU’s freshman target enrollment for fall is 1,150. Based on historical trends, some students will change their minds over the summer.


“We are extremely pleased with the composition of the Class of 2008,” said Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Sandra Hayes. “This year's larger pool of 7,647 applicants allowed us to be more selective in terms of academic quality as well as assessment of the numerous and stellar non-academic attributes of these applicants. This will certainly be a diverse and impressive class that is eager to join the community and engage in the academic and social life of the University.”


Here is a profile of the students making deposits for this fall, as of May 7:

  • 43.4 percent male
  • 56.6 percent female
  • 3.4 percent African-American
  • 12.7 percent Hispanic
  • 18.6 percent Asian/Pacific Island
  • 13.4 percent from Jesuit high schools
  • mean GPA 3.63
  • mean SAT composite score = 1216 

Last year, the applicant pool was also at a record high, but the number of enrolled students fell below the target. This year, the University took additional steps to improve communication with admitted students:

  • Admissions added part-time support staff to process applications in a timelier manner.
  • Financial Aid notified students of their financial aid awards earlier.
  • Faculty, staff, students, and alumni contacted admitted students and encouraged them to enroll.
  • OCM developed an admitted-student Web site. This site was integrated with online and print newsletters for admitted students, authored by Student Ambassadors.

“We are determined not to rest on our laurels,” said Charles Nolan, vice provost for enrollment management. For example, Nolan initiated a successful direct mail campaign this spring in which high school juniors nationwide were encouraged to inquire about SCU. This effort alone has introduced more than 9,000 prospective students to the University who may not otherwise have contacted SCU, he said.


“There is much we can do to increase and improve the applicant pool,” said Nolan. “And when we accomplish that, meeting enrollment goals such as gender balance, diversity, and higher academic quality will be much more likely.”



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