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 Grants, Awards, and Publications

Sanjiv Das (finance) co-authored a study about how investors wrongly assume that stocks they analyze over a short stock chart are safer than stocks analyzed over a longer period.

Fred Foldvary (economics) spoke about the state of the real estate market at a meeting held by the SCU real estate network.

Karen Fraser (art and art history) wrote an article title "Studio Practices in Early Japanese Photography: The Tomishige Archive," which was published in the most recent issue of the journal History of Photography. She also received a travel grant from the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies to conduct research in Japan.

JoAnne Holliday (computer engineering) and Godfrey Mungal (School of Engineering) attended the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education in Seattle where the SoE received its Certificate on Information Assurance from the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) headed by the National Security Agency (NSA).

The Ignation Center for Jesuit Education received a $2,000 contribution from the Morgan Stanley Foundation from its Volunteer Incentive Program. This contribution was granted on behalf of the volunteer efforts of Ignatian Center Advisory Board member, and employee of Morgan Stanley, Michael Hack.

Francisco Jimenez (modern languages and literatures) received Bank of America’s 2009 Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award for helping to create a better Silicon Valley. He was also awarded a $5,000 grant to a nonprofit organization of his choice, ALearn, which helps underrepresented students get to and succeed in college.

Pancho Jimenez (art and art history) exhibited his sculpture in a two-person show titled “Ceramica de la Tierra” at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona. He also exhibited his sculpture in a solo exhibition titled “Contemporary Ceramics” at CLAY MIX Gallery from July to August in Fresno.

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) and graduate and undergraduate students from the Robotics Systems Laboratory and collaborators at NASA Ames published two papers at the AIAA Conference on Small Satellites: "Initial Flight Results from the PharmaSat Biological Microsatellite Mission," and "The IRIS Nanosatellite Autonomous High Spectral Resolution Earth Imaging Mission."

Ed Maurer (civil engineering) gave a presentation called “New statistical downscaling techniques for California and the West” at the 6th Annual California Climate Change Research Symposium in Sacramento in September.

Russell Skowronek (anthropology) was the principal investigator in a decade-long study of ceramic production during California’s Spanish and Mexican periods (1769–1848). El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park is featuring the period artifacts and reproduced pottery in an exhibit called “Ceramics Rediscovered: Science Reshapes Understanding of Hispanic Life in Early California.”

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