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 Game Show Trivia for $200, Alex

Literary numbers. All things Japanese. Academy Award nominations. They are a small sampling of categories you may see on Jeopardy! They are also topics one Santa Clara University student may have to remember if he wants to do well on the game show.

Last fall, producers of Jeopardy! selected SCU freshman James Hill III to compete in the college tournament. Hill was in Southern California earlier this month for the taping of the show, which will air in February. While he was preparing for the game show in December, Hill said he was definitely nervous, because he had never been on national television before.

“But I was also really excited. I wasn’t scared, though. I’ve been interested in trivia pretty much my entire life, and I have the ability to remember all kinds of useless information,” he said.

The 17-year-old student, who learned how to read at the age of two and skipped kindergarten, said he has essentially been preparing for this his entire life, thanks to the number of books, magazines, and websites he has been reading on a daily basis. Hill said he also competed in national and international tournaments in middle and high schools. But making it to Jeopardy! was definitely a first.

“After I was done with my finals last quarter, I started reading tons of books, magazines, and websites again, especially ones that have even more useless information,” he laughed.

Hill is the second student in SCU’s history to compete in Jeopardy! Bryan Stofferahn was selected to go up against 14 college students in the College Championship in May of 1998.

The show in which Hill was featured will air on Wednesday, Feb. 3 on ABC7 at 7 p.m.

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