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 Student Newspaper Prank Startles Campus

The headline “Same-sex roommate rule abolished” caught many people off guard as they picked up The Santa Clara today on their way to class and to their offices. And that’s not all. A photo of a student on a skateboard with the caption, “SKATEBOARDS A THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY” raised some eyebrows and dropped a few jaws.

Once you turned the page, though, it was all clear: April Fools…a joke put on by the newspaper staff with the message – “warning: pages 1 and 2 may lack accuracy in honor of April Fools’ Day.”

It probably wasn’t funny for some administrators who picked up the paper this morning. It certainly surprised the media relations team. Some students loved it.

“It was a good one. It fooled my friends and me,” laughs Christopher Paschal, SCU freshman. “That was so funny!”

Haha, The Santa Clara. You got us.

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