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 De Saisset Museum Receives Highest National Recognition

Santa Clara University’s de Saisset Museum has again achieved accreditation by the American Association of Museums (AAM), the highest national recognition afforded to the nation’s museums. Accreditation signifies excellence to the museum community, to governments, funders, outside agencies, and to the museum-going public. The de Saisset was initially accredited in 1979. All museums must undergo a reaccreditation review at least every 10 years to maintain accredited status.

Accreditation is a very rigorous but highly rewarding process that examines all aspects of a museum’s operations. To earn accreditation a museum first must conduct a year of self-study, then undergo a site visit by a team of peer reviewers. AAM’s Accreditation Commission, an independent and autonomous body of museum professionals, considers the self-study and visiting committee report to determine whether a museum should receive accreditation. While the time to complete the process varies by museum, it generally takes as long as three years.

“The de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University is proud to be one of three museums in the South Bay accredited by the American Association of Museums. I wish to thank the museum staff and board, university administration, and all our volunteers for their commitment to public service and institutional excellence,” says Rebecca M. Schapp, director of the de Saisset Museum. Read more.

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