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 SCU in the News

Mike Sexton and Luis Lecanda (Undergraduate Admissions) appeared in a special piece on NBC Bay Area about undergraduate admissions processes at private and public universities.

Kirk Hanson (Markkula) was a featured expert in a New York Times article about what to do when one is asked to do something unethical at work.

Jim Cottrill (Political Science) appeared on KRON4 in a piece analyzing the truth of the gubernatorial campaign ads.

George Mohler’s (Mathematics) study on whether large crimes trigger “after-crimes” like earthquake aftershocks was the subject of a story in The Economist which was reprinted in BigThink. 

George Chacko (Finance) and Carolyn Evans (Economics) wrote an oped saying it is industry bailouts-- not the Obama Administration’s business proposals -- that have kept the economy in its current malaise. The piece ran in 17 papers across the country.

Ed Steinman (Law) was quoted in a widely reprinted Contra Costa Times story about the trial underway for abusers of a teenage boy who escaped prolonged captivity.

Eric Goldman (Law) was quoted in the (UK) Register about Wikileaks’ Pentagon papers and whether Amazon has any legal exposure for hosting a version of the papers. He was also quoted in other publications including the Wall Street Journal, ABA Law Journal, MediaPost, Sacramento Bee and Miami Herald about various tech-law issues including the use of Craigslist for criminal activity and “data scraping” companies.

The Global Social Benefit Incubator (CSTS) was lauded in a piece in the Development Through Enterprise blog.

Marc Bousquet's (English) book was mentioned in a blog about universities becoming corporate in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The prosecutorial-misconduct study by the Northern California Innocence Project continued to garner strong media interest, with the San Jose Mercury News, Associated Press, Sacramento Bee, Huffington Post, KTVU Channel 2, KGO radio and a half dozen others reporting that the California Bar Association was investigating 130 instances of misconduct cited by the study.

Kimberly Mohne Hill (Theatre and Dance) appeared live on KNTV to discuss how to overcome your fear of public speaking.

The dedication of the Paul L. Locatelli Student Activity Center was noted in the San Jose Mercury News, AJCU Connections, and numerous other papers and websites.

Tom Plante (Psychology) continued his regular blogging for Psychology Today, discussing forgiveness and social media, among other topics.

Gerald Uelmen (Law) was quoted in numerous sites and publications, including the Huffington Post and the Media Awareness Project, about Prop. 19, the marijuana-legalization measure.

Work by Meir Statman (Finance) was featured in a PBS story about whether people are culturally programmed to invest and save in certain ways, and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about conflicts of interest in investments by government officials. 

Hersh Shefrin (Finance) was quoted in a Yahoo! Finance story about investors mistaken notions of what’s a risky investment and in SmartMoney magazine about the need to invest outside the U.S. 

A paper by Gerald Coleman (Pastoral Ministries) opposing the legalization of marijuana on moral grounds was noted in the Catholic publication The Tidings.

Judy Nadler (Markkula) talked to the Contra Costa Times about conflicts of interests plaguing that county’s tax assessor.  Several other papers ran the story.

Student Sam Seeley, a competitive rower whose image is being used in Nautica ads, was mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle item.

The Beaverton Valley Times featured two SCU alums, Sam Baker and Brian Belcher, who started a business inspired by their immersion experience in El Salvador.

Bill Sundstrom (Economics) was featured in a KPLU-FM story about how people view whether they are rich or not and on the site San Diego News Room refuting the alleged economic harm from California’s Prop. 23, which seeks to roll back global-warming laws. 

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

***NOTE: Use EXTREME CAUTION before printing the linked information, as it will be dozens of pages!! ***


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