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 Grants, Awards, and Publications

Katerina Bezrukova (Psychology) co-authored a paper, titled "Subgroups within a team: The role of cognitive and affective integration" that was accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational Behavior
Fred Foldvary (Economics) had a review of "While America Aged" that was published in Choice magazine, included in its "hot topic" newsletter on labor unions. Choice Reviews is a journal for scholarly books and web resources.
Nam Ling (Computer Engineering) and Guichun Li, Ph.D. student, together with researchers of Huawei Technologies, filed a U.S. Provisional Patent on their invention "Using Multiple Prediction Sets to Encode Extended Unified Display Interface Mode Numbers for Robustness," on March 10, 2011.
Sarah Kate Wilson (Electrical Engineering) has an editorial on IEEE’s Reviewer Appreciation Program published this month in IEEE Communications Letters.
More grants, awards, and publications will appear in the next edition of fyi.


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