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Meet student Judith Martinez

For Judith Martinez ’14, the Santa Clara experience encompasses so much more than what prospective students might read about in an admissions brochure or on the SCU website.

“There is a magnetic electricity on our campus that I find not only attractive, but also invigorating,” according to Judith, who is majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Economics and Communications. “Be it walking past friendly faces in our Benson dining hall, shuffling about with friends from class to class, or simply looking around at the sea of red Ruff Rider t-shirts at a game – there is something about Santa Clara that breathes life into its students.”

The sophomore from Southern California recently shared her experiences at the President’s Club Dinner, an annual event honoring alumni, parents and friends who demonstrate their commitment to Santa Clara University by generously contributing a total of $1,000 or more annually. Judith expressed her thanks to the generous donors who have made it possible for her to have many enriching experiences in the classroom and beyond.

During her two years at Santa Clara, she has been a visible advocate for the University in a variety of roles: serving as a freshman representative for Associated Student Government; providing guidance for incoming students over the summer as an Orientation Leader; and giving campus tours and representing the student body to campus visitors as a Student Ambassador. Alumni and parents might receive a phone call from Judith when she’s working in the on-campus Student Call Center to secure donations for Santa Clara. She even pulled a shift perched on the stern of a crew boat while serving as coxswain for the Women’s Rowing Team her Freshman year.

Her most recent endeavor is founding a chapter on campus of a new club called Strive For College SCU. Gathering a group of current Santa Clara undergraduates as mentors, the organization partners with a local low-income high school to guide junior and senior students through the process of applying, enrolling and paying for four-year colleges and universities, the majority of which have Santa Clara as their top-pick school.

She looks forward to further academic and personal growth in her remaining years at the University. Judith explains, “Santa Clara inspires and motivates a will to believe in not only the skills and talents of oneself and others, but also what impact such skills are capable of accomplishing.”

To read the full text of her remarks to the President’s Club, click here.

To see a video featuring Judith and other students offering thanks for the Santa Clara experience, click here.

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