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Santa Clara Fund supports pilgrimage

Some of the many student experiences supported by the Santa Clara Fund are opportunities for international travel, including study abroad, immersion trips and other University-led journeys.  The Santa Clara Fund designated dollars to help fund a journey last year for eight students and two Jesuit leaders to travel to Magis and World Youth Day in Spain.

“Our eighteen-day pilgrimage was full of reflection and discovery,” said Jack Treacy, S.J., director of Campus Ministry, who accompanied the students on the trip along with Paul Mariani, S.J., assistant professor, history. The experience allowed SCU students an opportunity to deepen their faith through service projects, fellowship with other students from around the world, and spiritual events including prayer with Pope Benedict.

The pilgrimage began with students attending Magis, the Ignatian program for groups from Jesuit institutions held prior to the weeklong Catholic gathering for World Youth Day. Two Santa Clara seniors – Kate Flannery ’12 and Felipe Yerkes-Medina ’12 – led a workshop on volunteerism during Magis. After spending the first few days in Loyola, Spain, the birthplace of St. Ignatius, the Santa Clara delegation divided into two groups. One group spent a week in Burgos, Spain, reflecting on creation and evolution through science, theology and art. The other groups spent time in Malanga, Spain, connecting ecology and spirituality.

Then the Santa Clara students and other Magis pilgrims reconvened for World Youth Day in Madrid, where the searing heat during the day and the thunderstorms at night couldn’t dampen their spirits as they prayed with about two million others from 192 countries.

“We want to thank the Santa Clara Fund for making this pilgrimage possible,” said Fr. Treacy. “We recognize now more than ever what it means to be a part of the SCU community.”  

Pictured in photo: Students on the trip included Kate Flannery ’12, San Antonio, TX; Felipe Yerkes-Medina ’12, Seattle, WA;  Zachary Shikada ’12, Honolulu, HI; Brenna Donnellan ’13, San Rafael, CA; Andrea Martinez ’13, San Francisco, CA; Melissa Crapps ’14, Anchorage, AK; Mary Helen Mack ’14 Portland, OR; and Amanda Weiler ’14, Eugene, OR. Pictured with the students are Fr. Mariani (back row, far left) and Fr. Treacy (back row, fourth from left), who accompanied them to Spain.

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