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From SCU to Uganda

The project that took Sammy Pontrelli from SCU to Africa started with a conversation at his dinner table.

“A seminarian from Uganda who was eating dinner at my house asked if I could help him fix the problem of getting running water in his village,” said Pontrelli, a bioengineering major who graduated on Saturday.

Pontrelli started the student club Project Kizzi , named after the village in Uganda, to build a water distribution system and start an economic development and micro grant program. Support for the project and many other student clubs was provided by the Santa Clara Fund.

Though his work with Project Kizzi, he has inspired many students at Santa Clara University to get involved in projects concerning Africa. Now that Project Kizzi has completed its work, Pontrelli and the club have joined with Energy Made in Uganda. He will make his third trip to Uganda this summer to work installing solar panels.

Please continue to support student clubs and campus initiatives, make an online gift to the Santa Clara Fund.  Thank you for your support of current students, and their projects that make a difference in the world.

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