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1960 Class Sets Giving Record

The Class of 1960 had an unprecedented 66.87% of its members participate in their 50th Reunion Gift. Class members raised $2,045,532 to benefit current and future Santa Clara students.

“These record-setting results are something we have tremendous pride in,” said 50th Reunion Committee member Butch Erbst, who has only missed one of his class reunions over the years. “We’ve set a record that will be hard to beat.”

Erbst noted a special bond among their class and with the SCU community. “All of these things had an impact and made us who we are today,” he said. He adds that the wonderful education they received led to many of the class members, including Father Paul Locatelli, going on to have distinguished and notable careers.

“It’s inspiring to see a class this committed to improving Santa Clara, especially considering the changes they have seen over the last 50 years,” noted University President, Fr. Michael Engh, who went on to say, “Leading by example, the dynamic Class of 1960 has set the bar for all reunion classes to follow. On behalf of current students, I want to sincerely thank all of the class members who made a gift or pledge to the reunion campaign.”



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