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  •  Grand Reunion classes give generously

    The Santa Clara campus was filled with generations of Broncos during Grand Reunion weekend on October 6-9. SCU welcomed classes celebrating reunion milestones ranging from 5 years to 50 or more years since graduation.
    Thanks to all the alumni who came back to campus and made a gift to their Reunion Campaign. As of October 6, 18.6% of alumni in reunion classes have donated almost $3 million to support today's students. Giving through reunion campaigns supports student programs and sustains the Santa Clara Fund, which provides assistance through scholarships; academic programs, such as research and hands-on learning opportunities; international study abroad and immersion trips; and student initiatives for on-campus organizations to develop new programs.

    Check out how the class gift campaigns are progressing by clicking here. If you haven't made your reunion gift yet, please consider a donation to the Santa Clara Fund or any campus initiative that is meaningful to you.

    For more information, please contact your Class Giving Officer:

  •  New campus 'front door'

    SCU broke ground June 21 on the Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admission and Enrollment Services Building. Positioned centrally along Palm Drive, it will serve as the new home of Undergraduate Admission, University Financial Services, the Bursar and the Registrar, and include a welcome center for campus visitors.

    Made possible through a lead gift from Steve Schott ’60 and his wife, Pat, the 25,000-square-foot facility completes Santa Clara’s grand entry experience and provides convenient access to student services while offering visitors a rich introduction to the University and its Silicon Valley home.

    “We’re extremely grateful for the Schotts’ generosity in making this much-needed center a reality,” said SCU Bursar Denise Burt. “It will truly be a one-stop shop for support of our students, and serve as a welcoming new ‘front door’ to campus for prospective Broncos and their families.”

    The Patricia A. & Stephen C. Schott Admission and Enrollment Services Building is slated to open to Santa Clara students and visitors in fall 2012. Click here for more information on this new addition to campus and other SCU capital projects.

  •  EMTs provide needed campus services

    In the ecstatic moments following January’s Bronco victory over the Zags, a life-threatening situation unfolded outside Leavey Stadium. Amidst cheering fans and a large crowd, the quick response of a trained-student Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) helped save a life. In this chaotic moment, the values of the Campus Emergency Medical Services program – training, compassion, professionalism, and care – guided the decisions of student EMTs; and from their actions, a Santa Clara student is alive today.

    Mohit Kochar, a sophomore majoring in Public Health, is one of approximately thirty-five students on the team of certified EMTs, who are part of SCU’s Emergency Medical Services program. On the evening of the Gonzaga game, he was leaving the stadium a few minutes early when he noticed Campus Safety officers tending to a student who had collapsed on the outside steps. Although he was off-duty, Mohit quickly assessed the student and began to administer CPR with a Campus Safety officer. They continued until the arrival of on-duty campus EMTs and the Santa Clara Fire Department, who transported the student to a medical facility.

    Mohit eventually had an emotional meeting with the student after his release from the hospital along with his grateful family. In February, SCU President Fr. Michael Engh recognized the EMTs and lauded their services during his State of the University address from within the Mission Church. “The recognition, for not only the five of us who were on the scene, but the other thirty EMTs who are on-call every night of the school year, as well as our amazing medical director, was a tremendous honor. It was proud moment to be part of such an extraordinary organization and family here at Santa Clara and the campus EMS program,” Mohit said.

    SCU is one of only a few universities that have similar programs. Founded in 1997, Emergency Medical Services is a completely volunteer-based, student-run and organized program. Under the guidance of Medical Director Michele Helms and leadership of a student elected director, Santa Clara’s EMTs are all California certified and Nationally Registered EMTs. To achieve this certification, they complete for entrance into an extensive training program of 120 class hours, and often elect to complete additional training. Following completion, only about half of the trainees are selected to become certified EMTs with SCU EMS.

    Student EMTs provide crucial after-hours care for the campus community. They are “first responders,” assessing injuries and illnesses, and referring the patient to the appropriate health care provider. Mohit explains that while many calls are due to alcohol situations and minor injuries, he adds that the incident after the basketball game was “a tremendous wake-up call” that emergencies will happen at times and we must always be prepared. 

  •  "Change" the life of a Bronco

    Your can “change” the life of a current Bronco. Think small gifts don’t matter? Actually, alumni gifts of $100 or less totaled $738,557 last year. With state and federal budget cuts jeopardizing student loan programs, your gift is even more important to our most needy students. And whether you give $10 or $100, you’ll be counted in our Race to Raise 7,500 donors by June 30. Join us and make a difference with an online gift today.

  •  A real-world business education

    When Colin Daddino ’11 first visited the Santa Clara University campus on a family vacation, he was not considering attending college in California. First attracted to the beauty of the campus and its location in the Bay Area, he later was drawn in by the University’s academic offerings and its highly rated Leavey School of Business.

    Today, Colin prepares for graduation, with a major in finance and a minor in economics, and then will return to his home on the East Coast to work as a junior equity research analyst with a New York-based money management firm. He credits his Santa Clara professors with giving him insight into the real world of finance and business.

    “Several of my professors stoked a passion for finance that had always been there,” he said. “They were good teachers who furthered my interest by giving me the tools and motivation I needed to be successful.”  Several professors made phone calls and wrote emails on his behalf when he was seeking internships. “I was not just another face in the classroom,” Colin said.


    He was especially influenced by Sharath Sury, dean’s executive professor of finance; George Chacko, associate professor of finance; and Mario Belotti, professor of economics. Colin added that professors at Santa Clara have practical business experience, not just academic credentials, and many of them with Silicon Valley companies working on emerging technology. “Their successes motivate you to do well,” he said.


    While a student at Santa Clara, he worked on campus in various jobs, including one as the business manager for The Santa Clara newspaper and staffing the information desk in the learning commons. He excelled in his business studies, as evidenced by a nomination for the “Outstanding Student in Finance Award” and his role as junior advisory board member and founding member of the SCIFIRM (Santa Clara Initiative for Innovation and Risk Management).


    Once he makes the transition from student to alumni, Colin says he will forever appreciate his Santa Clara experience and the Jesuit philosophy of education. He says, “I’d like to give back to education, perhaps eventually helping fund scholarships.”

  •  Be an "Advocate" for SCU

    Increase your own network and boost the reputation of Santa Clara. You can provide a measurable difference for today’s students! Through this minimal commitment, you’ll be part of a passionate group of alumni that are making a difference for future generations of Broncos. Plus, you’ll be able to stay informed of key happenings on campus. Learn more here.

  •  2010 President's Report

    Frontier Challenges in Jesuit Education is now available online.

  •  1960 Class Sets Giving Record

    The Class of 1960 had an unprecedented 66.87% of its members participate in their 50th Reunion Gift. Class members raised $2,045,532 to benefit current and future Santa Clara students.

    “These record-setting results are something we have tremendous pride in,” said 50th Reunion Committee member Butch Erbst, who has only missed one of his class reunions over the years. “We’ve set a record that will be hard to beat.”

    Erbst noted a special bond among their class and with the SCU community. “All of these things had an impact and made us who we are today,” he said. He adds that the wonderful education they received led to many of the class members, including Father Paul Locatelli, going on to have distinguished and notable careers.

    “It’s inspiring to see a class this committed to improving Santa Clara, especially considering the changes they have seen over the last 50 years,” noted University President, Fr. Michael Engh, who went on to say, “Leading by example, the dynamic Class of 1960 has set the bar for all reunion classes to follow. On behalf of current students, I want to sincerely thank all of the class members who made a gift or pledge to the reunion campaign.”



  •  Pause for Coz Celebration

    Join us as we celebrate the life and spirit of Padre at the 5th Annual Pause for Coz Celebration held on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at Campo di Bocce, Los Gatos. Evening  begins at 6 p.m. and includes a buffet dinner, beverages, bocce, and a silent auction. Click here for more information.

  •  Thank You!

    You may wonder why we ask undergraduate alumni to give back every year. While each gift is put to use to fund specific projects and scholarships that benefit students, alumni gifts also have an impact on our participation rate.

    The number of alumni who give back each year is used to calculate the participation rate - a number that is used by publications like the US News and World Report. Alumni support is used to calculate school rankings – and each gift makes a difference. The higher Santa Clara's ranking, the more valuable your degree becomes. 

    This year a record 6,711 alumni gave back to Santa Clara University. A big thank you to each donor who gave back in support of today's students.

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