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Giving SCU a Show

Graduating senior Gracelyn Bateman had an idea. But to pull it off, she needed some help.

After seeing “N*W*C” twice in Southern California, she was excited to share the three-man show that presents a humorous perspective on negative racial stereotypes with her fellow Broncos. She reached out to the Santa Clara Fund to help bring the play to campus.

“N*W*C” made its Mayer Theater debut in April to a packed house of 600 students, faculty, and staff. Financial support provided by the Santa Clara Fund and other campus organizations allowed students to attend the production for free.

“One of the most memorable experiences I have had at Santa Clara was my involvement in bringing the play ‘N*W*C’ to campus this year,” Bateman said. “This event allowed for the continuation of an important discussion about race relations, stereotypes, and labels—ultimately promoting greater unity on campus. I’m grateful for the support to bring this important event to SCU.” 

“N*W*C” was one of the many student initiatives sponsored by the Santa Clara Fund this year. Please continue to support students and campus initiatives, make an online gift to the Santa Clara Fund.  Thanks for your support of current students, and their ideas.

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