Santa Clara University

Pause for Coz

William Whitesides

Recipient of the 2014 Fr. Richard Coz Scholarship

More than 60 years after his grandfather attended Santa Clara University, William Whitesides is in his junior year studying to be an engineer on the Mission Campus. He attributes the financial support he receives, including the Fr. Coz Scholarship, as the reason he is able to attend SCU. “My family would absolutely not be able to afford to send me to school here if it weren’t for the financial aid I receive, as well as scholarships like Fr. Coz,” William says. “I would like to thank all of the donors who support the Fr. Coz Scholarship.”

His family’s ties to the University include not only his grandfather but also his aunt and uncle, who are both SCU alumni. But it was more than his family’s connections to SCU that convinced William to attend the University. He was initially impressed with the beauty of the Santa Clara campus. The University’s top-ranked engineering program and its reputation as a welcoming community of students and faculty sealed the deal for William. With a love of numbers that began in elementary school, William is majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in mathematics. He explains, “I love the idea of building the newest and most innovative technology.” Outside the classroom he’s involved in the campus camping club, Into the Wild.

As for his future plans, William would like to continue his SCU education by pursuing a master’s degree and then a career in renewable energy. “I’d love to do my part in such an exciting and important field,” he says.

His scholarship’s namesake, Fr. Coz, was a great proponent of travel abroad and its importance in a well-rounded education. Fittingly, William spent the summer studying in New Zealand at the University of Auckland. “I never met Father Coz, but he sounds like a great man and it’s wonderful for donors and students, like me, to keep his legacy alive.”