Santa Clara University

The Power of One

The professor who challenged you to top your best.

The friendship made in Swig (or Graham or Sanfilippo) that you keep to this day.

The trip abroad that changed how you see everything.

This year, Santa Clara celebrates the power of one. Of one life-changing experience-the SCU experience. And of one community that comes together to help make it possible for a new generation of students.

When you give to the Santa Clara fund–or to any other area of support–your gift is multiplied by the thousands of other alumni who join in giving every year. Last year, individual gifts of $100 or less to Santa Clara added up to more than $960,000. This provides critical support for scholarships and campus programs that otherwise might be out of reach for the most deserving students. And it demonstrates that every gift -including yours-can make a profound difference. That's the Power of One.

Last year, a record-setting 9,739 alumni supported SCU and individually staked a claim in the future of SCU. With a goal of 10,000 donors this year, all SCU alumni are challenged to spread the word and join their fellow Broncos to make a gift and an investment in the next generation of students.

Your gift today means we can do more. With 10,000 fellow Broncos joining you in supporting Santa Clara this year, imagine the impact we can make together. Scholarships, support for faculty, expanding academic programs, these are the things that your can donation make happen, strengthening SCU with rich new opportunities for today's students to experience.

Thank you for your support.

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Let's show the power with 10,000 donors by June 30, 2014

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