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Kazimir Brown

Sociology Major

Unrestricted gifts from alumni and friends of Santa Clara make it possible for Kazimir Brown to study sociology, political science, and Spanish at the University.


"I'm getting an education that I know I can apply toward my future goals. I'm interested in a lot of things: social justice, education reforms, universal health care," Kazimir says. "And personal attention is big for me. It's so beneficial, having a teacher know your face, and being able to go in at office hours, maybe going just to talk."


Kazimir, a runner and bass player, chose Santa Clara for its commitment to community: "At Santa Clara, the message is you're here and you affect everyone around you. The way to success is not through you, but through you helping other people." Your gift helps our community, and we are all stronger for it.


Her commitment to the community hasn't wavered. Today, Kazimir is pursuing a master's in public policy at UC Berkeley, is a researcher for the criminal justice department at the Warren Institute, and serves on the board of a San Francisco charter school through the Berkeley Board Fellows program.


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