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Jose Dorador

Philosophy & Economics Major

As Jose Dorador reflects on all he has learned and experienced in the past three years at Santa Clara, he is both grateful and amazed.

“As a first-generation college student, I am grateful because my education wouldn’t have been possible without scholarship support,” he said. “I am amazed at the many activities I have been able to enjoy: clubs, on-campus jobs, fellowships, trips, and much more.”

In addition to being challenged academically and spiritually, he has flourished into a self-described “person of conscience.” Through the Santa Clara Fund and support from family and friends, he was able to participate in a University-sponsored immersion trip to New Orleans. During the week-long trip, he helped “de-mold” the home of Gary, a New Orleans resident. “Being in the company of those in need gave me a new perspective, one I will cherish and honor for the rest of my days,” he said.

Jose has also worked on campus as a Community Facilitator in his residence hall and as co-chair of Mecha, the Latino Student Organization. During his sophomore year, he co-wrote and produced a play, “Mi American Dream,” about Latino immigrants that was sponsored in part by the Santa Clara Fund.

“I know my Santa Clara education was made possible because of contributions from alumni, family, and friends,” he said. “It is much more than a gift – it’s a belief in higher education, in Jesuit ideals, and in a tight-knit community of students and teachers that want to make the world a better place for everyone.” 

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