Santa Clara University

Global Engagement Office

Declaring an International Studies Minor

Step 1: Get your International Studies Minor plan approved through the Global Engagement Office 

  1. Download and complete the Academic Plan Form 
    1. If you would like to set up an appointment for general advising on the International Studies Minor and/or the Academic Plan Form, please contact the Global Engagement Office: (408) 551- 3085,
  2. Submit the completed Academic Plan Form to the Global Engagement Office at 
    1. If you have already completed the capstone component of your proposed academic plan, submit the Capstone Summary Form with your Academic Plan Form. If you have not yet fulfilled the capstone requirement, the Capstone Summary Form should be submitted upon completion of your capstone experience (see 4).
    2. The Global Engagement Office will notify you regarding the approval of your academic plan. The Academic Plan Form must be approved and signed by an advisor in the Global Engagement Office. 
    3. If necessary, you may be asked to come meet with an advisor prior to approval of your academic plan. 
  3. Once your Academic Plan Form is approved, a scanned copy of the signed form will be sent to you for your records
  4. Upon completion of the capstone requirement (ie. SCU Study Abroad, internship, international experience, etc.), the Capstone Summary Form must be completed and submitted to the Global Engagement Office. Please note: portions of the Capstone Summary Form must be completed by the Supervisor of the capstone experience.

Step 2: After your academic plan has been approved, declare your International Studies Minor with the Office of the Registrar 

  1. Obtain a Program Petition Form from One-Stop in Enrollment Services 
  2. Submit completed Program Petition Form to the Global Engagement Office for signature of Program Director 
    1. Program Petition Forms will be signed only after your Academic Plan Form has been approved and signed.
    2. You will be notified when your Program Petition Form has been signed and is ready to be picked up from the Global Engagement Office.
  3. Turn in your signed Program Petition Form to the Drahmann Center


Last updated February 13, 2014